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"Helping People Achieve Positive Outcomes"


PSR Services are offered in the community and in the home to provide one-on-one education and modeling skills to assist individuals 12 and older to develop skills.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a skills-based, recovery-oriented program, that allows clients with mental or emotional challenges to learn skills to be able to function independently within their communities. The overall goal of the program is to help the client restore or develop daily living skills, social skills, and/or vocational skills that are currently limited due to a mental health diagnosis. Through psychosocial rehabilitation, we hope to minimize the need for more intensive treatment. The fundamental part of the program relies on active participation and involvement from each client in order to yield positive outcomes in each area.


At intake, the client will undergo an assessment to determine their current condition, skill level, and level of social functioning. The assessor, client, and family (for minors) come together to create goals that promote the restoration and development of skills, and abilities that are essential in everyday life. Our PSR Specialist will then use the treatment plan created to work with the client in developing a healthier sense of self-esteem, which in turn allows them to see social, vocational, and independent living skills as attainable. 


This service is offered at home and/or in the community. The session may take place either individually or in a group setting, depending on the client’s individual needs. Our psychosocial rehabilitation specialists are continuously offered training to provide high-quality services to each client.

"I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life."

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Psychosocial Rehabilitation help me?

Sometimes when facing mental and/or emotional hardships, other areas of our life are affected. Psychosocial rehabilitation services ensure that you receive the proper support and guidance to build/rebuild skills in social, vocational, and independent living areas.


We assist in rehabilitation in the following areas:

-Maintenance of living environment

-Housing services

-Money management and budgeting

-Establishing social supports

-Encouraging socialization with peers to avoid feelings of isolation and to feel supported

-Hygiene and other daily living skills


-Training in the appropriate use of community services

-Vocational and pre-vocational training and support:  work readiness, job development, job matching, on-the-job training, volunteer opportunities, transitional employment rehabilitation services, higher education options, and planning

-Medication management

...and in other related areas.

How old do I need to be to receive PSR services?

Our PSR program is for clients 12 years and older. If your child is under 12 years old, please call our office to inquire.


Do you have bilingual specialists available?

We can currently offer services in English, Spanish, and conversational ASL.


How long will I receive this service?

Our program is a short-term, 6-12 month program. Once goals are met and you are showing independence in the skill set area being worked on, you will be successfully discharged.


How many hours a week will I receive this service?

Typically, you will be working hand-in-hand with your PSR specialist for 1- 5 hours per week. The hours are determined based on how many skill areas are being worked on, as well as by the hours authorized by your insurance.


Do I have to drive to the office to receive services?

While we do offer group setting services in our office, our services are typically brought directly to you. The PSR specialist assigned to you will serve you in your home or in the community. You may also choose to receive PSR services via telehealth/remote platforms if this option is of your preference.


What insurance do you currently accept?

In order to receive PSR services you must be enrolled in a qualifying Medicaid plan. We also have options for clients seeking to self-pay. PSR Services are fully funded by the following HMOs: Sunshine Health, Humana Medicaid, Aetna Better Health Medicaid


I have a therapist with another agency. Can I still receive services through Positive Behavioral Solutions?

Yes! You do not have to be receiving mental counseling with us to receive PSR services. However, the PSR program does require that a therapist complete monthly check-ins to make sure there is progress being made, and to make sure any concerns that arise are properly addressed.


I do not want to receive therapy services at all. Can I still be assessed for this program?

Yes! Psychosocial Rehabilitation is typically offered in conjunction with mental health counseling in order to treat the mental health diagnosis in a therapeutic manner as well. However, if you already receive counseling through another agency, or are simply not looking for weekly counseling at this time altogether, psychosocial rehabilitation services can still be provided. The PSR program does require that a therapist complete monthly check-ins to make sure there is progress being made, and to make sure any concerns that arise are properly addressed.


I am interested in this service. What are the next steps?

You may either fill out the referral available here on our website, or you may call our office directly. Our healthcare coordinator will gather your information and verify your insurance.  Once this process is complete, we will assign an assessor to contact you to complete an intake assessment. Lastly, when the assessment is complete, you will be assigned a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist to begin services.

For more questions or inquiries, please email Alex Martinez, PSR Program Manager.








Our groups are specifically for skill-building activities related to social, vocational, and/or independent living skill areas!


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