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Grace J. Marin, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

Counselor/Altamonte Springs Office

As a counselor, I feel bringing a nurturing and non-judgmental approach when working with different situations and encouraging strength and personal growth is important for therapeutic relationships. Most of my experience involves behavioral work such as defiance in children; teen issues, adult issues, anxiety, depression, grief, anger management, attachment issues, relationship issues, and family issues. I believe all behavior has a purpose and finding what is motivating the behavior is how we learn to manage difficult situations. Together, we explore avenues towards personal growth and emotional healing. 

I enjoy helping clients gain insight into their internal processes and assisting them to improve their relationships and quality of life. Change comes when we can better understand the reasons behind our actions. My passion is to encourage others to believe that what is wanted can be found in every situation in life. Even though, life can be challenging, every day is a great opportunity to make changes and decisions to fulfill our lives. Additionally, I facilitate teen and young adult groups for addiction, intervention and prevention which provides me with satisfaction about helping changing lives. 

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